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May 2013 Newsletter

What’s New

Andrew R. Yarmus, P.E., as the current President of the Rockland County Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers, is planning a meeting for the Professional Engineers of Rockland County regarding infrastructure within the County.  Please contact our office if you are interested in attending the upcoming lecture, or if we can otherwise be of assistance to you or your clients regarding such matters.

Recent Projects

  • Forensic Engineering services regarding the alleged collapse or failure of shoring supports at a Queens, NY construction site
  • Consultation regarding “Super-storm” Sandy damage to a boat dock and residential structure in Piermont, NY
  • Performed a Phase I Environmental Assessment for a property in Garnerville, NY

Building Safety Month 2013 is being celebrated during the month of May to help individuals, families, and businesses understand what it takes to create and maintain safe, sustainable and resilient homes and buildings in the United States and around the globe. The campaign reinforces the need for adoption of modern, model building codes, a strong and efficient system of code enforcement, and a well-trained, professional workforce to maintain the system. 

Yarmus Engineering, P.C. is available to consult on and design safe, resilient, and code compliant structures  Andrew R. Yarmus, P.E. is a NYS Certified Code Enforcement Official, and, being so certified, remains aware of the latest code provisions to ensure the safety and resilience of our client’s structures.  Please contact our office if we can be of assistance to you or your clients regarding such matters. 

Roofing Resilience

In February Structural Engineer reported that “due to the effects of climate change, it has become increasingly vital for roofing to be durable against damaging weather. The RoofPoint Guideline system is tool that evaluates and solves climate-related risks involved with roofing. The Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing created RoofPoint to provide building owners and designers to choose roofing based on long term energy and environmental benefits. The system can provide plans for reducing hail and wind damage, efficiently capturing and storing rainwater, energy production for an independent power grid, thermal insulation, and cool roofing. Roof designs developed by RoofPoint have been used in coastal areas to harness wind energy and in areas with frequent hailstorms to reduce damages. Experts argue the greatest benefit from installing a resilient roof is effective energy management customized for the climate. Additionally, a green roof may assist in reducing stormwater runoff pollution into rivers and lakes”.

Yarmus Engineering, P.C. is available to inspect, consult on, and design roofing systems, as well as all external envelope system components.  Please contact our office if we can be of assistance to you or your clients regarding such matters. 

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