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August 2012 Newsletter

What’s New

The National Science Foundation, the educational arm of NBC News, and NBC Olympics have teamed up for a series of videos that feature top athletes and engineers explaining the important role that engineering, technology and science play in the Olympic Games. The ten videos in the series are being offered to NBC affiliate stations and are available for free on the Web.

Recent Projects

  • Forensic Engineering services regarding an accident which occurred during a professional sporting event in a New York City arena
  • Structural engineering consultation regarding support conditions and renovations in an Orange County, NY structure
  • Building Code review and guidance regarding the conversion of a Binghamton, NY structure from Storage to Residential Group occupancy for student housing

Useful Apps for Engineering and Construction

On July 16th Constructech reported that “The use of mobile applications in the construction industry continues to grow, be it streamlining the document approval process in the field, managing a complicated workflow, or simply improving the efficiency of content management. In addition to many of the leading software providers that adapted well-known construction industry programs to the app format, other technology providers are also delivering new apps”…”On the whole, apps will continue to have a beneficial impact on the construction market as a growing number of dedicated construction apps reach the market, and more and more contractors deploy these apps to increase productivity”.

Yarmus Engineering, P.C. prioritizes monitoring the latest in technological innovation, and assessing how we can implement same for the betterment of the services that we offer to our clients.  In recent years, we have implemented technology upgrades to offer real-time access to construction plans and revisions, facilitate report access, provide in-field access to office files via laptops and smartphones, improve communications via video and conferencing technologies, etc.  Please contact our office to find out how we can best be of assistance to you or your clients. 

Flexible Engineering Degrees Gain Popularity

“On July 10, 2012 Inside Higher Ed reported that “Individualized engineering programs are gaining popularity as problems within the field call for greater flexibility and broader skill sets — and a new generation of ambitious students who want to tackle those problems emerges.” Flexible engineering “programs — such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Course 2-A in mechanical engineering and Stanford University’s recently updated computer science curriculum — allow students more room to develop their areas of interest by cutting down the number of required core courses and allowing students to choose specialized track concentrations, or, in MIT’s program, design their own”.

Andrew R. Yarmus, P.E. is pleased to see this trend developing and growing enthusiasm for the field of engineering.  He is grateful that his alma mater, Cornell University, was on the forefront of providing such creative educational opportunities for its student-body during his undergraduate years, and the opportunity afforded to him to similarly tailor his own engineering education

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