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July 2020 Newsletter

We are pleased to announce that we re-opened our main office
to staff and client deliveries under the Phase II re-opening plan of
NYS on Pause on June 9th.  
We have now begun scheduling
and performing the field inspections that had been pending since
NYS on Pause began in late March

In order to maximize safety of both employees and our clients,
portions of the staff will work under social distancing protocols in the office, while others continue to work remotely.  Client deliveries will also be handled in accordance with social distancing protocols.

As of July 6th, we expect to have staff available in the office
to accept client deliveries during all work days.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

What’s New

In response to Covid-19, NYS Governor Cuomo has signed a bill authorizing local governments to extend building permits, zoning board approvals, and planning board approvals for a period of 120 days.

Recent Projects

  • Forensic engineering consultation regarding NYS Labor Law and Industrial Code Rule 23 allegations against an Ivy League University property located in NYC
  • Site consultation regarding the safety and coefficient of friction of a lobby floor surface for a multiple residence structure located in Queens, NY
  • Building code compliance certification for a residential dwelling conversion and alteration project located in Rockland County, NY

How the coronavirus pandemic stands to reshape our world

On June 1st ASCE advised that the Los Angeles Times had written “in another time, not long ago, an elevator was a conveyance to reach a higher floor, an open office was a spot to clock eight hours while hoping your boss didn’t catch you checking Facebook and a doorknob was one of those banalities of architecture that seemed to warrant attention only when it needed replacing…What a difference a virus makes…To live through the COVID-19 pandemic is to see the surfaces of our cities rewritten by invisible narratives of contagion. Elevators now seem like intolerably small spaces to share with a stranger. The open-plan office, with its recirculated air and countless shared surfaces, feels like a flu buffet. And that humble doorknob? It could play a starring role as a protagonist named Critical Vector in an over-the-top summer movie about an outbreak…The pandemic has changed everything about the way we live. It is bound to change…” design of structures as well.

Yarmus Engineering, P.C. remains committed as always to guiding and assisting our clients in designing and maintaining the highest level of safety for their site and building operations. Please contact our office if we can be of assistance to you or your clients regarding such matters.

OSHA Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in Construction

On June 1st the American Society of Safety Professionals reported “as construction season ramps up amidst the threat of COVID-19 exposure, construction employers and workers need to understand how they can protect themselves on the job site. New OSHA guidance provides insights into assessing each worker’s risk level and highlights controls to help prevent worker exposure to the virus”.

Andrew R. Yarmus, P.E., F.NSPE, as a Past Chair of the National Society of Professional Engineers PE’s in Construction Interest Group, has helped to facilitate discussions between Professional Engineers across the country on important matters such as safety in the construction industry. Yarmus Engineering, P.C. is available to consult with property managers, real estate developers, builders, attorneys, contractors, insurance professionals, adjusters, and other related parties regarding construction site safety issues. Please contact our office if we can be of assistance to you or your clients regarding such matters.

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